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Zabur Font Free Download

Today We are sharing a modern style of gothic font that is a very special font all over the fonts world. Zabur font has very bold strokes and short edges. If You want a font that is always suited for your design so this font is actually for you.

This typeface was used by the majority of the designers in our project. This font can also be used as an online generator. This is one of the most widely used in graphic design and logo design. This font is easier to navigate than other gothic fonts. This font is one of the most largely useable fonts in this current period because of its bold texture.

Zabur is an outstanding font because of its dark, and clean texture. Zabur is famous for its beautiful shape. This font always gives a classy or modern look to your design or any project. This font is commonly used in headlines, logo design and infancy works, etc.

Zabur Font Info

NameZabur Font
LicenseFree for personal use


This Modern Gothic font is utilized in many other works and projects like signatures, headlines, articles, and PowerPoint presentations. Logos, hard surfaces, text blocks, posters, titles, and magazine covers, GIFs, Apps, and Animated logos, banners, labels, and many more.

Its lovely typeface texture is ideal for bold text, but it may also be utilized in a variety of other projects, including photographs, watermarks, special events, and more. Millions of books and comics use this font.

This is a fantastic typeface that provides your design with a really professional and eye-catching appearance. Each weight creates a unique texture of the design. This font is free for personal use and it also is available in TrueType file and OpenType file format.


This amazing typeface font was designed by a famous designer named Ridtype. This font can be used to pair with another font to make it more attractive. Ridtype especially makes this font for designers because of its stylish look. This font is also used in daily works.

Font Family

This font has capital letters, tiny letters, numbers, symbols, and special characters, as well as support language but it cannot have any family and it can also be available in one regular style.

View of Zabur Font

Zabur Font Free Download

If you want to download this handwritten font then simply click on this below button and wait until the download starts.

Who can Use?

This font is also used in the font generator tool that you may use online. This font is free for personal use. If you can use it for business or commercial purposes then you can purchase this file for your device.

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What type of Zabur font is ?
Zabur is regular Gothic typeface font that cares mostly used in designs and artworks.

Is Zabur a free font?
yes! this font is free for personal use. if you can use it for business or commercial purposes then you have to purchase it.

Can I use Zabur font for my logo design?
yes! you can use this font in your logo design. Most designers use this font in your design to make it attractive.

Is zabur a Monospace font?
This fun design font is a Monospace font because its characters occupy the same amount of horizontal spaces.