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About Us

Fontless is basically a platform, where people come to get ideas of different fonts. Every designer on the planet want to use attractive fonts in their designs and it can’t be possible without testing the fonts on your design first.


You can choose fonts simply by looking at the images but the best way to do it is to look for the fonts that you like and then download and install their demo version and see how they look on your design. If they inspire you that means they will inspire your readers, now you can use them.


The journy of “Fontles” has begun in a same way. We are a group of designers and always worry about free fonts test before using them in commercial projects. So we always look for resources without proper luck and this is where fontless ideas came into mind.
Now “Fontles” server thousands of graphic and web designers around the globe and everyone test the font before going for the complete version.


Our vision is to inspire every designer on the planet with our Fonts.

Adrian Frutiger

Zuzana Licko

William Gillies

Veronika Burian

Edward Fella