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Trajan Pro Font Free Download

Trajan pro font is a serif typeface that was designed by Carol Twombly and Robert Slimbach. This typeface is released through Adobe Type. This font is designed in 1989 that comes in a bold and regular style.

The font also supports many international languages and accents that have the opportunity for the users. This is a unique serif style typeface that comes with a classic thin stroke. You can also get this font in the Adobe font store. This font is actually made for body text.

This font typeface is also visible in many famous brands’ logos. This character ar looking very gorgeous. All in all, an educational or informational page can most likely improve from this great font.

Trajan Pro Font Info

NameTrajan Pro Font
DesignerCarol Twombly and Robert Slimbach
LicenseFree for personal use


This font is also utilized in many visible and popular places because of its look. This font is very quite popular among designers and users also. This is a great font that is always suitable for both small and large text designs.

This font is also great for web or printing designs as well. This font is utilized by many typographers in their different projects like content writing, article writing, and so forth. This typeface makes your design a high standard and professional appearance.

This font is also found in the Opentype layout and TrueType outline file format that you can easily download from this website. This font looks similar to the microbrew font that helps you to make titles or any other logo of this animated film.


This font designer is created many amazing fonts that all are very popular among developers. This font has a very unique character and elegant shape that also design this designer that named is Carol Twombly

Font Family

Trajan Pro Regular
Trajan Pro Bold

View of Trajan Pro Font

trajan pro

Trajan Pro Font Free Download

If you want to download this font then simply click on this below button and wait until the download starts.

Who can Use?

This font is free for Private purposes that you cannot use in your business project. If you want this font commercially then get this font by the owner.

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Can I use Trajan Pro Font for a design project?

Yes! This font is always suitable for any type of design and this font is also looking good in any small and large text.

Is Trajan Pro Font Good for titles?

Yeah! This font has many functions and also this font is normally used for titling. This font is also utilized in every design or textual content as well.

Is Trajan Pro a modern font?

This font was widely used in this time period beacus of its look. therefore, it is called to be a modern font because it is used in many logo designs and textual projects.

What font is similar to Trajan Pro?

There are many alternatives to this font but the most similar typeface is Minion Pro Font that you can download from our website easily.