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PUBG Font Free Download

PUBG Font is a multiplayer online fighting game it was designed and introduced on 20th December 2017. KC Fonts has the credit to develop the most delicate and remarkable font known as HEADLINER NO.45 font in the year 2012 which attracts its players a lot. This battling game has gained rapid fame because of its fabulous graphics and its fantastic fonts.

After seeing the maximum popularity of this font, lots of designers got to know the worth of this PUBG texture. It has many alternative fonts to this typeface and the closest font to this typeface si squid game font. And this is how this stylish font has acquired fame and attraction among its users and other designers as well.

This attractive font is available in two different styles varies Regular and Italics. Its maximum character length is 275 characters that include Numerals, lining, and text figures.

Font Details

NamePUBG Font
DesignerKevin Christopher
Font FormatTTF & OTF
LicensePersonal Use Only


This fantastic typeface can be utilized for various purposes like various brands prefer to use this fontal to design their logos and honestly, it gives an amazing effect and adds more style to their brands.

Initially, this superb typeface was designed and used for PUBG logo design and it left a splendid and everlasting impression and also excites other designers to use this font in their later projects.

This mind-blowing typeface is also used for making business or invitation cards, social media posts, product packaging, for logo designing, game designing, etc. You can find this exquisite font in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Canvas, etc.


KC Fonts is the founder or designer of this modest yet wonderful typeface. He introduced this font in 2012 specifically for the PUBG game.

PUBG Font Family

  • PUBG Regular
  • PUBG Bold
  • PUBG Light Bold
  • PUBG Bold Condensed

View of PUBG Font

View Of PUBG Font

PUBG Font Free Download

You can use this stylish font by just clicking the Download button given below. You will get free access to use it for personal projects.

Who Can Use?

Folks can use this amazing typeface without paying a single penny and without permission for their personal use. However, a license or permission is required for official use.

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Who designed the PUBG font?

This delicate and superb style was designed by KC Fonts in 2012 and it was used in PUBG games in 2017.

Where is this PUBG typeface applicable?

This marvelous typeface is used to enhance game graphics, game design, and gaming pads. It is basically designed for game purposes.

Is PUBG texture free for commercial use?

This typeface gives you amazing features and also enhances the beauty of your texts but, you have to seek permission or license if you have to use it for commercial purposes.

How to download the PUBG typeface?

you can easily download the PUBG texture from the link given on our website. After downloading, you will get free access to use it in your personal or non-commercial projects.