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Marker Felt Font Free Download

Marker Felt Font is a very creative and prominent texture visual that has a very high-quality texture. This font has very stylish letters that were designed by a very well-known font designer Pat Snyder. If you are looking at its characters then you notice that this font character was designed with a thick paintbrush that gives a very unique and creative look.

This font texture belongs to a brush family. This is a very high-quality brush typeface that has been used in a large number of creative designs and projects. This font has extra black characters that have semi-bold strokes and clear vision.

This amazing font style has also supported an immense number of international languages. This font is also best for pairing functions that he can make very stunning pairs with Soria Serif Font.

Marker Felt Font Info

NameMarker Felt Font
DeisgnerPat Snyder
LicenseFree for perosonal use


This font has the ability is that he gives a very natural look to your design or any other expensive project. This stylish texture font is also very suitable for any type of office task, paperwork, and documents. You can also easily utilize this font in any type of logo design such as minimal logo, branding logo, vintage logo, animated logos graffiti logo, etc.

This font style is also very appropriate for both large and small screen displays. This font personality is looking very identical to Consolas Font. If you don’t want to download this font then you may also generate this font through the generator tool.

This font is also very ideal for Logos, signage, book covers, menus, posters, gift cards, invitation cards, magazines, games, tutorial videos, movie trailers, banners, product packaging, brochures, t-shirt designs, branding projects, etc.


This typeface has a very elegant and charming typeface that was designed by a very notable designer named Pat Snyder.

Font Family

  • Marker Felt Font Regular

View of Marker Felt Font

Marker Felt Font

Marker Felt Font Free Download

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Who can Use?

This amazing typeface is only free for private use. If you want to use this typeface for commercial purposes then get this font permit from the author.

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What is Marker Felt font used for?

This is a very creative and bold font appearance that is widely used to make fancy projects and designs. This font belongs to a brush family.

Is Marker Felt serif?

No! This font is not serif because if you look at its characters you will notice that the texture of this font is made of a paintbrush. So, this font belongs to the brush family.

Can we use Marker Felt font in Adobe Photoshop?

This font style has an amazingly bold and creative texture appearance. Therefore, you can use this font in Adobe Photoshop for creating amazing and unique designs.

Is Marker Felt font copyrighted?

Yes! This font is a trademark of Typographer Mediengestaltung. So, this typeface style is suitable to use for personal and non-commercial works.