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Marguerite Font Free Download

Marguerite Font is a French typeface designed by Roger Excoffon in 1953. It is based on the Didot typeface and was intended for magazine and book printing. The typeface has been used extensively in advertising and packaging, most notably by Air France.

The name Marguerite means “daisy” in French, which is also the name of Excoffon’s daughter. Marguerite Font is available in both light and regular weights. The italic variant is more calligraphic than the roman, with higher contrast between the thin and thick strokes.

This Font is a very legible typeface that has a modern feel to it. It is perfect for use in headlines and advertising and has been used by many high-profile brands. If you’re looking for a modern typeface that is both stylish and easy to read, Marguerite Font is a great choice.

Marguerite Font Info

NameMarguerite Font
DesignerRoger Excoffon
Font FormatTTF & OTF
LicensePersonal Use Only


This Font is very versatile and can be used in a variety of different contexts. It’s perfect for use in headlines, advertising, magazines, and books. The lightweight is perfect for use on the web, while the regular weight is great for print media. This typeface is also available in an italic variant, which gives your text a more calligraphic feel.

This typeface is also commonly used in logos and branding. Air France, for example, has used This Font extensively in its advertising and branding campaigns. The typeface is stylish and modern, and it’s perfect for conveying a sense of sophistication and elegance.

You cannot download this font in the google store because This font doesn’t exist in the google store. There is an online font generator tool that helps you to generate this font. This font also makes a very lovely pair with shumi font.


This amazing typeface was created by a very famous font maker named Roger Excoffon. While creating this typeface, the designer focused on the texture of this font.

Font Family

  • Marguerite Font Regular

View of Marguerite Font

Marguerite Font

Marguerite Font Free Download

It is very easy to get the typeface file in whatever operating system, just click the download button below and get the file. It is free for personal and commercial works likewise.

Who can Use?

This font style is not free for business purposes because it is under the license of the author. IF you need to use this font in your commercial project then purchase it.

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Who owns the Marguerite font

This font is owned by Roger Excoffon. He created the typeface in 1953 and it has been used extensively in advertising.

What type of font is Marguerite Font?

This Font is a French typeface that was based on the Didot typeface and is intended for magazine and book printing.

Can I use Marguerite in a logo?

Yes, This Font is often used in logos and branding. for example, has used the typeface extensively in its advertising.

Can I use Marguerite font commercially?

Yes, This Font is available for commercial use. You can purchase a license from the owner.