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Mangal Font Free Download

There is a heart-touching typeface for you that you can utilize for official documents as well. We are talking about the Mangal font. The designer of this fantastic Hindi Devanagari script typeface is Raghunath Joshi and published by Microsoft. It is a Unicode font that you can use wherever you like. This font was published in back 2015 and you can use it on all of your devices.

It is available in two different styles regular and bold. There are more than 100000 downloads of this font and many many peoples are using it in their presentation. The beautifully align Hindi characters make it the best choice for different projects and assignments. It is available in Open source and True Type formats.

This typeface is available in all Microsoft applications which you can easily use. The demo version of this font is available free for personal use only. However, it is mandatory to have its license for promotional and commercial use. All the copywrites of this font are reserved by Microsoft.

Mangal Font Info

NameMangal Font
DesignerRaghunath Joshi
StyleSans Serif
LicensePersonal Use Only


Mangal Font is one of its kinds that you can use for a variety of purposes Like newspaper headlines, Magazines, Books, Novels, and a lot more. It is designed by famous designer Dr. Kulbir S. Thind. This font is very popular because it can be used on Windows, Canva, Linux, Adobe Photoshop, Mac OS, Ubuntu, Ms office, and Illustrator. You can Utilize it in combination with Krishna Font and aparajita font.

The stunning design of its characters makes it a perfect option for invitation cards, assignments, banners, mug printing, pamphlets, quotes, presentations, posters, tattoos, Shop names, T-Shirt designs, brochure layouts, business cards, and many more.

Mangal Font

There are many brands that are currently using it for different purposes like creating social media posts and advertisements. The generator tools for this font work perfectly fine to make your project stand out from others. It has more than 120 Glyphs.

Font Family

  • Mangal Regular
  • Mangal Bold


This unique Hindi Devanagari script typeface was created by Raghunath Joshi and it was published by Microsoft in 2015 and all copywrites are reserved by them.

View of Mangal Font

Mangal Font

Mangal Font Download

If you want to utilize this astonishing typeface in your project then click on the download button to use the free demo version anytime.

Who Can Use?

You can use this Spectacular font for personal work. However, if you want to use it for commercial purposes then, you need to purchase its license in order to use it for any design project.

Similar to Mangal Font

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Where is the Mangal font used?

You can utilize this typeface for multiple purposes like Hindi novels, Books, Magazines, newspapers, Social media posts, and advertisements.

What Typeface goes best with Mangal Fonts?

This type is very much compatible with Lohit font and makes a very decent contrast. With the combination of other typefaces, it can make your project flare.

Is Mangal a Microsoft font?

Yes, It is a Microsoft font and can be utilized in all operating systems and applications.

Is Mangal Font can be used on Canva?

Yes, you can easily use this typeface on Canva by just simply downloading this font from our website for free and plugging it into Canva to have fun.