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Lato Font Free Download

Lato Font is a sans-serif typeface family designed in 2010-2011 by Łukasz Dziedzic (Lato means “Summer” in Polish). It comprises ten weights, from Hairline to Black, each with matching italics as well as support for Cyrillic, Greek, and Vietnamese character sets.

Lato was created with the goal to provide a typeface that would appear elegant and legible both on screen and in print. Dziedzic drew inspiration from both classic serif typefaces, such as Times New Roman, and more contemporary sans-serif designs, such as Akzidenz Grotesk.

This font family is available under an Open Font License. This means that you are free to share your modifications to the fonts, as well as use them in commercial projects.

Lato has been used by companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla, as well as in numerous branding and identity projects. It has also been featured in print publications such as The New York Times, Wired, and Wallpaper.

This glyph of this font looks like a sans serif typeface but it is actually a humanist neo-grotesque design. This family of fonts is based on the Akzidenz-Grotesk typeface which was designed in 1896 by Berthold Type Foundry. This font has been used by many companies such as Google, Mozilla, and Microsoft.

Lato Font Info

NameLato Font
DesignerŁukasz Dziedzic
LicenseFree for personal use


This sans serif font is an excellent choice for any project that requires a clean and modern look. The family of fonts is extremely versatile and can be used for both body copy and headlines. They work well on both web and print projects.

This font is commonly used for its readability and overall design. The name Lato comes from the Polish word for summer. This font was created by Łukasz Dziedzic in 2010. This font family consists of 10 different weights, from hairline to black. It also includes italic, bold, and regular styles.

Some of the most popular uses for Lato include Websites, Logo Design, Business cards, Brochures, Posters, and Magazines. It is also good for pairing functions and if you need a more stylish look to your modern designs then use this typeface with the combination of frontage font that has very unique features.


This typeface was designed by a very famous designer named “”. This font designer is very popular among the users he made a lot of fonts and all the fonts are very popular in the fonts market.

Font Family

  • Lato-Hairline
  • Lato Hairline Italic
  • Lato Thin
  • Lato-Thin Italic
  • Lato Light
  • Lato Light Italic
  • Lato-Regular
  • Lato Italic
  • Lato Medium
  • Lato-Medium Italic
  • Lato Semibold
  • Lato Semibold Italic
  • Lato-Bold
  • Lato Bold Italic
  • Lato Heavy
  • Lato-Heavy Italic
  • Lato Black
  • Lato Black Italic

View of Lato Font

Lato Font
Lato Font Free Download

You can download this elegant and stunning sans serif typeface by clicking on the download button below. It has an OTF feature and is free for personal use.

Who can Use?

This is a license-free font that you can easily utilize in any type of project. But you need to purchase this font file from the owner to use it commercially.

Similar to Lato Font


Is Lato font free to use?

Yes, Lato is a free and open-source font. You can download it from Google Fonts here.

Which font is similar to Lato?

If you’re looking for a similar font to Lato, some good options include Open Sans, PT Sans, and Rob Font.

Is Lato a PowerPoint font?

Yes, This font is available as a PowerPoint font. You can download it from Microsoft here.

Is Lato a web-safe font?

Yes, This font is considered a web-safe font. This means that it can be used on websites without the need to download or install it on your computer.

How do I download the Lato font?

You can download Lato font from Google Fonts here. furthermore, you can also download this font from this website.