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Bembo Font Free Download

Bembo Font is an old-style serif typeface. The designer of this font is Francesco Griffo and this font is published through Monotype Corporations. This font is released from 1928 to 1929.

This font is very similar to the New Times Roman font that is also very famous in this modern era. Furthermore, This font supports a large number of international languages that have the opportunity for the users.

This font is also available in OpenType layout and TrueType outline features. This font has a Bold and sharp edges texture and it also has many uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and Numerals. This is a basic font that is especially good for body text.

Bembo Font Info

NameBembo Font
DesignerFrancesco Griffo
LicenseFree For personal use


This typeface is a fundamental font that is especially good for any purpose and artwork. This font overall style and serif letters that is always suitable for any type of design and commercial works.

This is an excellent font that is commonly used in many designs and projects like fancy t-shirts, logo designs, banners, brochures, graphic design, posters, and many more. With the help o the generator tool you may also generate this font.

This font is also used in Adobe and Canva Software that helps you to make interesting designs. Many Developers and organizations use this font in their daily designs and branding logo due to its eye-catching appearance.


This font is preferred by all users as well as many organizations. This stunning font was designed by Francesco Griffo and released through very a popular designer named is Monotype Corporations.

Font Family

  • Bembo Roman
  • Bembo Italic
  • Bembo Semibold
  • Bembo Semibold Italic
  • Bembo Bold
  • Bembo Bold Italic
  • Bembo Extra Bold
  • Bembo Extra Bold Italic
  • Bembo Std
  • Bembo Titling Italic

View of Bembo Font

bembo font

Bembo Font Free Download

If you want to download this font then simply click on this below button and wait until the download starts.

Who can Use?

This font is under the license by the author that you can only use this on your personal plans. Otherwise, you can purchase this font for commercial purposes.

Similar to Bembo Font

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Is Bembo Font good for Logos?

Because of its condensed fancy look, this font is very useful for logo design. You can design amazing logos by using this font.

How do I use Bembo Font locally?

After the downloading of this typeface, the file will in ZIP format. Unzip the file and click for install, after the installation the font will appear automatically on your desired application.

Is Bembo Font copyrighted?

Most font names are trademarks of a company or business that we cannot use for our own purposes due to copyright issues. But this font is not a copyright issue as it is not used as a trademark.

Is Bembo paid font?

Yes! This is a paid font because it is under the author’s jurisdiction, but you can purchase a license if you want full access to this font. Or you can use the free version in personal projects.