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Anek Telugus Font Free Download

Anek Telugus Font is an Award-winning typeface. The Anek means several. It is available in multiple weights and styles and different people put a lot of effort to generate this font. The designer of this marvelous font is Ek Type Studio. This is a Google font.

This typeface was designed to meet the demands of modern society through its Bold and contemporary design.

Anek Telugus Font Info

NameAnek Telugus Font
DesignerEk Type Studio
StyleSans serif

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Font Family

  • Anek Telugu Bold Font
  • Anek Telugu ExtraBold Font
  • Anek Telugu ExtraLight Font
  • Anek Telugu Light Font
  • Anek Telugu Medium Font
  • Anek Telugu Regular Font
  • Anek Telugu SemiBold Font
  • Anek Telugu Thin Font

View of Anek Telugus Font

View of Anek telugus font

Anek telugus font

Anek Telugus Font Download