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Anek Telugus Font Free Download

Anek Telugus Font is an Award-winning typeface. The Anek means several. It is available in multiple weights and styles and different people put a lot of effort to generate this font. The designer of this marvelous font is Ek Type Studio. This is a Google font. The condensed and capsuled foam of graphic characters makes it appealing and different.

This typeface was designed to meet the demands of modern society through its Bold and contemporary design. You can utilize this font for various purposes like Logos design, Titles, headlines, banners, Flyers, T-shirt design, and a list goes on. It is available in Open Type and True type Formats.

This font belongs to a Sans serif family and you can easily use it for the body of the paragraph and website headers. There are numerous generator tools are available for this typeface which is found very useful to give a customized touch to your project or assignment.

Anek Telugus Font Info

NameAnek Telugus Font
DesignerEk Type Studio
StyleSans serif


This Sans Serif typeface is used by a graphic designer community for brochure layout design, quotes, invitation cards, designing banners, mug printing, presentations, business cards, pamphlets, posters, emblems, T-Shirt designs, YouTube Thumbnails, and the list keeps on going. There are two formats available in this font True type format and open type format.

The condensed graphic foam of characters can be utilized for Logos, branding, product packaging, and Shop names. This typeface is comprised of a large character set including Lowercase letters, special characters, punctuation, and uppercase letters. There are many content writers who are using it for the titles of Novels and prominent headlines of their articles.

There are Numerous online generators available for this typeface that are useful to give a flare to your project and assignments. The copy-paste function of this typeface works perfectly well for all types of projects. It is suitable for all types of operating systems.


Ek Type Studio is the developer of this Contemporary Sans Serif typeface. It is available in a variety of styles and weights and styles.

Font Family

  • Anek Telugu Bold Font
  • Anek Telugu ExtraBold Font
  • Anek Telugu ExtraLight Font
  • Anek Telugu Light Font
  • Anek Telugu Medium Font
  • Anek Telugu Regular Font
  • Anek Telugu SemiBold Font
  • Anek Telugu Thin Font

View of Anek Telugus Font

View of Anek telugus fontAnek telugus font

Anek Telugus Font Download

A secured zip file of the Stylish and Unique typeface is available on our website. Click on the button below to use it whenever you desire.

Who Can Use?

This typeface is available for free you can utilize it for commercial and personal work for free. It is offered in OTF and TTF formats.

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Why is Anek Telugues Font so popular?

This typeface is an Award Winning typeface and perhaps the reason for its popularity is the condensed glyphs.

Is Anek Telugues font Open Souce font?

Yes, it is an open-source font that is suitable for personal and commercial projects. It is free for all kinds of Work.

Who is the founder of Anek Telugues font?

Ek Type Studio is the one who designed this Award-winning typeface. This font is offered in OTF and TTF formats.

Is Anek Telugues a default font?

No, it is not a default font you have to download it from secured websites to use it for personal and commercial activities.