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Yonky Slab 5 Font Free Download

Yonky Slab 5 is likely part of the slab serif font category, known for its sturdy and block-like serifs. This font style is often used to convey a sense of stability and reliability. Yonky Slab 5, with its numerical designation, may represent a specific weight or variation within the Yonky Slab font family. Its purpose could range from branding and logos to editorial design, where a bold and assertive slab serif makes a strong visual impact.

View of Yonky Slab 5 Font Family

Yonky Slab 5 Font

Font Details

NameYonky Slab 5 Font
LicensePersonal Use Only

Yonky Slab 5 Font Free Download

Font Family

  • Yonky Regular
  • Yonky Black