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Unown Font Free Download

Unown Font is a font that was created to resemble the writing system of the Unown, a species of Pokémon. It was designed by a fan of the Pokémon franchise and has been used in various unofficial capacities.

The Unown is a species of Pokémon that is notable for its unique appearance and writing system. The font has no spoken language, instead of communicating through a series of glyphs that resemble letters of the Latin alphabet. These glyphs are known as “Unown characters”, and can be used to spell out words and messages.

The Unown Typeface was created to resemble the writing system of the Unown. The Unown Typeface is a TrueType Typeface and includes all 26 characters of the Latin alphabet, as well as the 10 digits of the Arabic numeral system.

Unown Font Info

NameUnown Font
Designer Arien Epic
LicensePersonal Use Only


The Unown Typeface can be used for a variety of purposes, like creating signs, posters, and other documents that require the use of the Unown writing system. It can also be used for decorative purposes, or simply to add a touch of quirkiness to any text.

The Font has been used in various unofficial capacities over the years. One notable example is the Unofficial Guide to the Unown, a fan-made document that uses the Unown Typeface to provide information about the Unown. The Unofficial Guide to this font was created in 2006 and has been updated several times since then.

Many different websites provide a font generator tool that helps you to generate any type of font. This typeface style is very useful for its copy-paste ability and it also has a very pairing personality with the other unique typefaces like soulcraft font that is not available in google store but you can get ease from this portal.


The designer of this font Arien Epic. is very professional and very well known in the fonts market that design many fonts but this is very remarkable in logo designs.

Font Family

  • Unown Regular

View of Unown Font

view of Unown Font Unown Font

Unown Font Free Download

One of the major reasons to get your hands on this font is that it is accessible to every person worldwide free of cost. Download the font from the given link below and use it in your projects free of cost.

Who can Use?

The font is available as free for student and non-profit works however you can purchase its full access from the author for commercial use.

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Can I use Unown Font for my website?

If you want to use this Font for your website, you can download it for free from this website.

Who designed the Unown Font?

The Font was designed by a fan of the Pokémon franchise. The identity of the designer is unknown, but the font was created sometime in the early 2000s.

How do I add Unown Font to the word?

You just simply download this font from this website and install it on your device. After the installation, the typeface is automatically visible in your Word software.

Can I use Unown Font for commercial purposes?

There is no definitive answer, as the Unown Font was not created with commercial use in mind. However, as it is a commercial font, you can use it for free only in your personal projects.