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Rotis Serif Font Free Download

If you are for a simple and stunning font. I shall introduce to you an attractive and unique typeface in this post. Rotis Serif Font is a typeface family designed by Otl Aicher, best known for its use as the corporate typeface of Lufthansa.

The Rotis font family includes both sans serif and serif fonts, which makes it a versatile choice for both body copy and headings. The Rotis Serif font is the serif member of the family and is a good choice for headlines, titles, and other display purposes.

This Serif font has a strong vertical axis, with tall ascenders and descenders. This gives it a stately appearance and makes it easy to read in large sizes. The Rotis Serif font also has a high x-height, which makes it legible in smaller sizes. This font includes both old-style and lining figures, as well as small caps. This font is a great choice.

Rotis Serif Font Info

NameRotis Serif Font
DesignerOtl Aicher
LicensePersonal Use Only


The Rotis Serif font generator tool is available online for free to help you create customized text in this font. This generator has hundreds of graphic text effects that make your text elegant and stylish. Google has made this font available for free.

If you are working on a document or a website, you can copy and paste the text from this generator. This feature makes your work easy.

You can also create fabulous designs in the designing applications like Adobe, CorelDraw, and Canva. You can use Minion Pro Regular Font with the pairing of this font. This combination helps you in creating marvelous text styles.

You can use this font in the making of banners, posters, invitation cards, writing the body text of the websites, book titles, magazine covers, and many different projects.


This beautiful and simple font is designed by a german typeface designer Otl Aicher for the foundry Monotype Corporation in 1988.

Font Family

  • Rotis Serif Pro 55 Roman
  • Rotis Serif Paneuropean 55 Roman
  • Rotis Serif Pro 55 Cyrillic Roman
  • Rotis Serif Pro 55 Greek Roman
  • Rotis Serif Std 55 Roman
  • Rotis Serif Pro 56 Italic
  • Rotis Serif Paneuropean 56 Italic
  • Rotis Serif Pro 56 Greek Italic
  • Rotis Serif Std 56 Italic
  • Rotis Serif Pro 56 Cyrillic Italic
  • Rotis Serif Pro 65 Bold
  • Rotis Serif Paneuropean 65 Bold
  • Rotis Serif Pro 65 Cyrillic Bold
  • Rotis Serif Pro 65 Greek Bold
  • Rotis Serif Std 65 Bold

View of Rotis Serif Font

Rotis Serif font

Rotis Serif Font Free Download

You can download this font by clicking on the following “Download” button. After the click on the button, it starts downloading the font.

Who can Use?

If you want to use this font in your commercial projects, you have to purchase its license first. You do not use this font in your commercial projects without purchasing the license. This font is only free for knowledge and personal purposes.

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Is Rotis Serif typeface a good website font?

Yes, Rotis Serif typeface is a good website typeface. Its tall ascenders and descenders make it easy to read in large sizes, and its high x-height makes it legible in smaller sizes.

Does Apple own Rotis Serif Typeface?

No, Apple does not own this font. Adobe owns the font family.

Can I use Rotis Serif Typeface as a logo?

Yes, Rotis Serif typeface can be used in a logo. Its classic feel and versatile letterforms make it a good choice for branding purposes.

Is Rotis Serif Typeface a Windows Typeface?

Yes, the Rotis Serif typeface is available for Windows.