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Perpetua Titling Font Free Download

In this post, I shall present to you an amazing and unique typeface. Perpetua Titling Font is an interesting and attractive typeface. It was designed by Eric Gill in 1925. The design is a modification of his earlier Perpetua design and was commissioned by the British Monotype Corporation.

Perpetua Titling Font is an elegant serif typeface with high contrast between thick and thin strokes.

It’s perfect for headlines and titling and works well in both digital and print design. It’s also a good choice for setting text in all caps. This typeface is identical to the minion Font.

This font is available in eight styles and three weights. It is available in a complete set of characters and glyphs. There are characters available in different styles. Some characters have a slope in their shape and some are in small x-height.

Perpetua Titling Font Info

NamePerpetua Titling Font
DesignerEric Gill
LicensePersonal Use Only


Perpetua Titling Font is best used for headlines, titling, and display purposes. It’s a great choice for luxury brands and high-end fashion campaigns. Perpetua Titling Font pairs well with both serif and sans serif typefaces. For a classic look, pair it with times new roman or Arial. For a more modern look, try pairing it with helvetica or proxima nova.

This typeface is good for headlines, titles, covers, and invitation cards. This font is also used in business projects and office work. You can write the body text of the website and also use this typeface in the setting of the paragraphs.

Perpetua Titling typeface is available through Google Fonts and can be used for both digital and print design projects.

You can use this typeface in the making of logos, posters, banners, product labels, business cards, invitation cards, branding, T-shirt designs, websites, book titles, magazine covers, and many more projects.


This beautiful typeface is designed by a famous British designer Eric Gill in 1929.  He is a famous stone carver, wood engraver, essayist, and type designer. Many designers used his fonts in their projects.

Font Family

  • Perpetua Titling MT Light
  • Perpetua Titling MT
  • Perpetua Titling MT Bold

View of Perpetua Titling Font

Perpetua Titling Font

Perpetua Titling Font Free Download

You can download this font after clicking on the following download button. As you click on it, it starts downloading.

Who can Use?

This is not a free font. You have to buy its license if you want to use this typeface in your commercial works. This typeface is only free for knowledge and personal use. This free version has some features and styles.

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Is Perpetua Titling typeface good for a magazine cover?

Yes, it is good for the magazine cover. You can also use this typeface in the book titles, website body text, newspaper headlines, and product labels.

Is Perpetua Titling Font an Adobe font?

No, this is not an Adobe typeface. You have to download and install this typeface in Adobe applications.

Is Perpetua Titling typeface available on Mac OS?

No, this font is not available on the Mac OS. You have to install this font on your PC.

Can I use Perpetua Titling Typeface on my Poster?

Yes, you can use this font on your poster. You can also you this typeface on banners, flyers, brochures, logos, and websites.