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Perpetua Font Free Download

Designed by the accomplished English sculptor and typographer Eric Gill, Perpetua Font is a timeless and classic serif typeface. Gill, known for his contributions to the world of typography, created Perpetua in 1925.

The font exudes a graceful and refined aesthetic, making it well-suited for a range of applications, particularly in editorial design and literature. The serif details of Perpetua contribute to its legibility, while the overall design imparts an air of sophistication and tradition to the text. This versatile typeface continues to be appreciated for its enduring elegance in various design contexts.

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View of Perpetua Font

Perpetua Font

Perpetua Font Free Download

Perpetua Font Info

NamePerpetua Font
Designerstonemason Eric Gill
LicensePersonal Use Only

Font Family

  • Perpetua Regular