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Notera 2 Script

Introducing now Notera 2 Script!. Notera 2 script is created by hand-drawn with uniqueness and care of the font styles. It comes in thin, thick, slim and weighted styles. You can easily use this font style in your drawings and layouts.

With its loads of potra font glyphs, notera 2 helps a totally vast variety of dafont styles languages. The font consists of OpenType functions together free font dafont with stylistic and contextual in alternate alphabets for a proper handwritten style.

Style Of Notera 2 Script

With all other free font styles, this font is also available for you in free and you can use this font without any hesitation. The easy sans serifs and quick lushing curves of the letters supply it an understated every character.

This font is without beauty and the beast font delay and curvy in all of the proper locations, and can artwork properly on its personal or with different typefaces. The round edges lend this font a sense of a laugh.

It is easy, but nonetheless has decorative and beautiful accents with slightly exaggerated traces, lines and curves. It holds up properly as a headline styles font, yet nonetheless has precise character. It is absolutely free for personal uses.

This font is used for personal uses and not for commercial purposes. Also, it can be used in different calligraphy styles that look more attractive. If you want to use this font in the commercial platform you have to get a license for it.