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Galliard Font Free Download

If you’re looking for a classic serif typeface with a bit of personality, Galliard is a great option. It’s both stylish and functional and can be used for a wide range of projects. Galliard Font is a serif typeface that was designed in the early 1980s by Matthew Carter.

The design is based on the sixteenth-century roman typefaces of Robert Granjon, and the font includes many features that are characteristic of Granjon’s work.

This typeface is available in four weights (Regular, Bold, Black, Ultra) with matching italics. Galliard is suitable for both text and display use and has been used extensively in books, newspapers, and magazines.

Galliard is available in both regular and bold weights, with matching italics for each. Galliard typeface is similar to the montserrat font.

The regular weight is light and airy, while the bold weight is heavier and more compact. It also contains 163 unique characters. There are also many alternate characters included in the typeface, which can be accessed through OpenType features.

Galliard Font Info

NameGalliard Font
DesignerMatthew Carter
LicensePersonal Use Only


This font is the best choice for the headings and writing due to its clean and simple typeface. You can also use this typeface in Adobe and CorelDraw to create fabulous graphic designs for your logos and posters.

The galliard font generator tool can be used to create custom fonts for your website or blog. This tool is easy to use, and you can create a typeface in minutes.

This tool is available online for free. You can copy and paste the text from this generator and work on your website or writing project.

This typeface can be used with the pairing of iBM plex font to make your text attractive. You can use this font in the making of fashion designs, magazine covers, website body text, shop names, banners, posters, brochures, product labels, branding newspaper headlines, and many different works.


This simple and attractive typeface is designed by a famous typeface font designer Matthew Carter in 1978 for the company Mergenthaler Linotype. But it was again designed in 1982 by ITC (International Typeface Corporation).

Font Family

  • Galliard Regular
  • Galliard Bold
  • Galliard Italic
  • Galliard Bold Italic
  • Galliard Ultra
  • Galliard Ultra Italic
  • Galliard Roman
  • Galliard Black
  • Galliard Black Italic

View of Galliard Font

Galliard Font

Galliard Font Free Download

This typeface can be downloaded after clicking on the following download button. As you click on it, it starts downloading the font’s zip file.

Who can Use?

You can use this typeface for your personal projects for free. If you want to use this font for your commercial purposes, you have to buy its license from the designer. Its free version has limited styles.

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Is Galliard typeface paid font?

Yes, Galliard is not a free font. You can use it for personal projects for free. But for commercial projects, you have to buy its license.

Is Galliard typeface a good website font?

Yes, Galliard typeface is a good website typeface. It’s easy to read and has a classic serif look.

Can I use Galliard Font in a logo?

Yes, you can use this font in a logo. This typeface has a clean and stylish look that can be used for corporate or personal branding.

Is Galliard typeface the most used font?

No, Galliard typeface is not the most used typeface. However, it’s a popular font that is used by many designers.