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FTF Indonesiana Serif Font Free Download

FTF Indonesiana Serif Font combines a classic serif design with cultural relevance, catering to the Indonesian script. This font is well-suited for projects that require a balance between a timeless aesthetic and cultural sensitivity. FTF Indonesiana Serif Font adds a touch of sophistication to Indonesian script typography, making it suitable for editorial layouts, branding, and formal communications.

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TF Indonesiana Serif Font

FTF Indonesiana Serif Font Free Download

Font Details

NameFTF Indonesiana Serif Font
DesignerAnxious Max Fizz
LicenseFree for personal use.

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FTF Indonesiana Serif Font Family List

  • FTFIndonesianaSerif Regular
  • FTFIndonesianaSerif Bold
  • FTFIndonesianaSerif Italic
  • FTFIndonesianaSerif Thin
  • FTFIndonesianaSerif Light
  • FTFIndonesianaSerif Heavy