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Boomhauer Font Free Download

Boomhauer Font has an appearance similar to the techno font family. The developer of this grungy and vintage style font is no other than Iconic fonts. They created many other typefaces as well. The name of this font is inspired by the Boomhauer character from the animated series King of the Hills. This typeface is an ideal option for vintage-style projects.

Iconic Fonts published this typeface for personal work. However, you can overcome this limitation by purchasing the license or taking permission from them to utilize it for commercial and promotional activities.

It is available in open type and true type formats which is suitable for all operating systems. You can utilize this typeface with a combination of other fonts like Goodline and Belive fonts to make your project and assignment look more appealing.

Boomhauer Font Info

NameBoomhauer Font
DesignerIconic Fonts
LicenseFree for Personal Use


Numerous magazine companies and fashion designer companies use it for different purposes like website headers, social media posts, advertisements, and creating unique headlines. This typeface is available in different weights and styles to make your project stand out from others.

This Display typeface has a distinctive look that is suitable for brochure layout design, quotes, mug printing, YouTube Thumbnails, emblems, posters, designing business cards, T-Shirt designs, invitation cards,  pamphlets banners, and many more. It is open license font which means you use it for both commercial and personal work for free.

There are generator tools present online of this typeface which you can use to give a personal touch to your project. The copy and paste function bring ease to your life just paste the text in any generator tool and the rest of the work software will automatically do itself.


The designer behind this marvelous typeface is none other than Iconic Fonts. They took inspiration from 1970 punk music posters to build this vintage look Font.

Font Family

  • Boomhauer Regular
  • Boomhauer 3D Regular
  • Boomhauer Compact Regular
  • Boomhauer Condensed Regular
  • Boomhauer Expanded Regular
  • Boomhauer Gradient Regular
  • Boomhauer Gradient 2 Regular
  • Boomhauer Halftone Regular
  • Boomhauer Italic Regular
  • Boomhauer Laser Regular
  • Boomhauer Laser Italic Regular
  • Boomhauer Leftalic Regular
  • Boomhauer Outline Regular
  • Boomhauer Semi-Italic Regular
  • Boomhauer Spaced Regular
  • Boomhauer Straight Regular
  • Boomhauer Super-Italic Regular

View of Boomhauer Font

Boomhauer Font Boomhauer Font

Boomhauer Font Download

Click on the download button to have full access to this font for personal use. The demo version of this Techno typeface is available on our website.

Who Can Use?

It is free to utilize for your personal, commercial, and advertisement purposes for free. You don’t have to take permission from the author to use it.

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Is Boomhauer a paid Font?

Yes, it is mandatory to purchase the license in order to utilize it for commercial and promotional activities. However, the demo version is free for personal use.

Is Boomhauer a good Font?

yes, it is the best typeface with a stylish vintage look highly preferable for short texts like headlines, titles, Logos, and Youtube thumbnails.

What type of glyphs does Boomhauer Font have?

It contains a full character set which includes uppercase, Punctuations, numerals, special characters, and lowercase alphabets.

Is Boomhauer a sans serif font?

No, it is an Sans Serif font. This typeface belongs to a Techno font family based on vintage look characters.

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