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Athene Font

This Athene Font is an amazing and free serif custom font that is from the metro. The vollkorn and Lucia style is here for different typefaces in different tasks.

It has the characteristics of media font, which is like ginebra. It can be used for many purposes like to use in logos, flyers, posters normally, lightboxes and templates are used to achieve lines immediately without pencil markings detracting from the paintings — dominated paper, either for a light container or direct use.

Style Of Athene Font

The script is known as Tiffani fidäl, because of this script or alphabet. It is most customarily dominated each zone or 1/2 inch, although inch spaces are now and again in Avenir font used.

This is the case with littered uncials (as a result of the call), and university-dominated paper regularly acts as a guiding principle appropriately. In Tiffani characters, it has familiarity in both upper case and lowers case characters of styles.

Nearly all excessive non-secular writing worried calligraphy, such as letters despatched by using the Dalai Lama and different spiritual and secular authority.

Even though in the beginning finished with a reed, Tibetan calligraphers now use chisel tipped pens and markers as correctly.